As a growing church, Holy Hills frequently needs to get out important or critical messages to the congregation. Using a traditional calling tree or email can be both slow and tedious when time is critical and details are important. Now we can INSTANTLY contact everyone in the church with a service called Call-Em-All! So how in the world does it work? It will save your number into a list online, and anytime Bro Jeremy needs to send out an important message concerning a prayer request or announcement, it will now be super easy. He will have the ability to record a short voice message or compose a text message, press send, and everyone on the list will instantly receive it at the same time. If you do not think you are on the list and would like to be added to it, please contact either Bro Jeremy or myself and we will be sure to add you. I have composed a list of questions and answers that I thought people might have, so I hope it answers most questions. If you have any other questions please let us know!

Q: Will a house phone or a cell phone work?

A: Both house phones and cell phones will work.

Q: What if I don't have text messaging?
A: That is fine. A voice message will be sent to your phone instead of a text.

Q: What if I don't answer my phone in time?
A: It will try to call a total of 3 times, once every fifteen minutes, until you finally answer.

Q: What does it cost for me to receive a text message?
A: It depends on the carrier and type of plan you have. Message and data rates may apply.

Q: Can I choose to receive text messages AND voice messages?
A: Unfortunately, you are only allowed to pick one. You will automatically be set up to receive the voice messages, but you can   "opt-in" if you would rather receive text messages.

Q: So how do I "opt-in" ?
A: Text the word "hhbc" (not including the quotation marks) to the number 292929.

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